SOHO Restaurant |
Thomasville, GA

SOHO Restaurant | Thomasville, GA
Carolyn & Skyler Cadenhead

Maison Holdings, LLC | Cairo, GA

The building that now houses SOHO was originally built in 1886 and over the years transformed from its original use as a pottery house, to the Mode Theater in the late 1930’s, to a furniture store in the late 1950’s where it continued as various retail spaces until the renovation began in 2015 to transform the space into SOHO. The interior of the building is comprised of 3 floors and an overall area of approximately 6,000 SF. On the ground floor is the main restaurant which houses the main dining room, kitchen, and full-service bar. The second floor was transformed into a large banquet room along with small catering kitchen to stage food service for events prepared in the main kitchen. The third floor is much smaller at only 600 SF and was converted into a storage space with the potential to become an office.